The Unwanted

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The Unwanted

I would rather not know what each character is thinking. Show me what they are thinking through their actions. Worth the read. Aug 14, Sandy Almo rated it really liked it.

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Just as good as the first time I read it, so many years ago. I enjoy reading books that aren't written in such a way that I need to look up difficult words. I'm not stupid by any means, but some authors seem to find newer, less used verbs to describe a scenario, which I don't find necessary in most books.

The Unwanted

I love most of John Saul's novels, and it's been many years since reading any. They are almost like reading them for the first time again. Jul 23, JoAnn Ainsworth rated it really liked it. Scary, psychological thriller. Oct 15, Taylor rated it it was ok. I hate to say this but I really didn't enjoy this novel. I liked Cassie and the concept but I wasn't overly attached and got a bit bored.

Not my fav of his but I will still read his other novels. Sep 05, Connie rated it it was amazing Shelves: horror , john-saul.

The Unwanted - Penyesalan original Version

Loved it! About a cat and a girl with powers that control the cat Aug 04, David rated it it was amazing. Jun 22, Elusive rated it it was ok Shelves: review. Then it ends up becoming reality hence she goes to live with her father, stepmother and half-sister Jennifer. Soon, she learns that she has the ability to command a cat and hawk belonging to Miranda. Little does she know that this will lead to terrifying consequences.. I found it to be painfully long-winded, repetitive and directionless.

The premise itself sounded interesting. There were so many issues that I had with this story. All of the characters were incredibly stereotypical, one-dimensional and unlikeable. As a result, her behaviour and actions were contradictory. Her only friend apart from Miranda, Eric was someone I sympathized with at first considering how badly he and his mother were abused by his despicable father. At some point, Eric showed his true colours. His father Ed was easily the worst character as he was an abusive alcoholic. They knew she was out of control yet they barely did anything to stop or help her.

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Jennifer had presence at first but it seemed that the author decided to write her out of many significant scenes later. The mystery aspect involving Miranda, her connection to Cassie and the possibly of witchcraft was disappointingly undeveloped. The ending was abrupt and such a cop out. Aug 12, Rissy rated it liked it Shelves: john-saul.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Summary: When Eric Cavanaugh and Cassie Winslow were only two years old they were at the beach of False Harbor when they chased a kitten into some quicksand in the marsh. An odd woman named Miranda Sikes that lived in a tiny cabin in the marsh of the beach pulled them out and saved their lives, claiming them for her own.

Eric's Mother had taken the children from the woman's cabin and then Eric had went home and Cassie's Mother had taken Cassie across the country, far from the small beach town. O Summary: When Eric Cavanaugh and Cassie Winslow were only two years old they were at the beach of False Harbor when they chased a kitten into some quicksand in the marsh.

Once she'd divorced Cassie's Father Keith Winslow. Keith nor Eric had seen the girl again until her Mother's death fourteen years later. After Diana Winslow had died in a car accident Keith had then had cassie moved back to False Harbor with his present wife and small daughter. From the very beginning Rosemary Winslow had had great suspicion of Cassie. The girl had a strange look in her eye and seemed to get over her Mother's death too quickly.

The Unwanted

Shortly after her arrival Cassie was reunited with Miranda Sikes, the town "witch" and the woman had told her that she belonged to her and that she had a gift. Cassie could understand Miranda's cat Sumi and her white hawk Kiska and could tell them what to do. Cassie and Eric instantly bonded once Cassie told Eric that her Mother had beaten her, just like his own Father did him.

Cassie was compared to Miranda and no one seemed to like her. After Miranda drown in the quicksand of the marsh people accused Cassie of doing something to her. Eric's girlfriend Lisa and her friends made fun of Cassie and taunted her every chance they had. But then Lisa was dead and a teacher at school that both Eric and Cassie didn't like was hospitalized after Sumi attacked him. Everyone feared Cassie and accused her of all the trouble, even her new stepmother Rosemary thought the rumors to be true. Cassie proved to her Father that she could control the animals and so then he believed her.

But what no one knew was that Eric also had the gift. And he had been the one forcing the animals to kill, not Cassie. Eric finally sends Sumi to kill his Mother and Kiska to kill his Father. He sets Cassie up to take the blame, but Cassie sends Kiska to kill Eric. Finally it is all over.

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Thoughts: I enjoyed this book, as with most of John Saul's work. I like his style of writing and how he doesn't just use a bunch of filler words to make his books thicker. I think his stories come together quite nicely at the end. Good read. Feb 21, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: thriller , read-in , mystery , reviewed. Sixteen-year-old Cassie Winslow feels alone after her mother died in a car accident.

Her parents were divorced and her father remarried.

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  7. Her father has Cassie come to live with him and his family in Cape Cod. When she arrives, she makes friends with her neighbor, Eric Cavanaugh, who is her age. However, most of the other students at her school take the lead from Eric's former girlfriend and shut her out.