My Very Dearest Anna

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I found her site via a Ukrainian community site for those living in the US. I have no Ukrainian heritage or blood-relatives and never learned a foreign language extensively before becoming fascinated with this beautiful language. Thanks, Anna, for this series of lessons. You have a very engaging style. In just one week, I have learnt more than I ever expected and I am full of enthusiasm to continue. Very professional but friendly at the same time.

The best teacher ever!!! I learnt a great deal from her.

I hope one day we can meet in person. Anna, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing book, I got through every word and have studied your book very carefully and now starting to listen to your podcasts thank you very much, really.

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As soon as I get free time, I go onto your website and check every resource there! Thank you very much!! Anna is a wonderful teacher of the Ukrainian language. She explains the rules of grammar easily and clearly, in every podcast there is information about the culture of Ukraine, it is always interesting to listen and learn something new. Excellent course of Ukrainian! Suitable for everyone who wants to get to know the Ukrainian language more closely. I am very happy I found this wonderful possibility with Anna to continue learning Ukrainian on an advanced level.

I find the podcasts and texts very well done. I only regret not to find more time to dedicate to using this excellent possibility.

Book: My Very Dearest Anna

I want to be able to engage in simple politeness and greetings, etc. Any tips on toasting in the New Year would be much appreciated. I have found the podcast both motivating and fun. When I returned home, my language skills atrophied. I discovered Ukrainian Lessons podcast while looking for more resources and found the quality so good that I invested in the premium membership and private lessons with Anna. She is the best language teacher I have ever had! Each lesson is always fun and incorporates a lot of conversation as well as structured lessons that are tailored to me and my ability level.

Anna keeps notes in a doc while we meet so that it is easy to keep track of everything I learned in each lesson. I feel much more confident in my ability to handle ambiguity and have simple conversations with native speakers. The quality of the podcast notes, of the lesson notes, of the website, of the social media handles Instagram and Facebook are the ones I follow is so impressive and once you meet Anna, it makes sense. I would highly recommend Anna as a teacher! As a teacher of French as a foreign language, I really appreciate the quality of the podcast offered by Anna. The length, the rhythm of each dialog is perfect.

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I really like the fact that the dialog is repeated twice and then explained part after part. Many many thanks! I look forward to studying which includes listening every day for minutes. I believe I am making progress because of Anna. I also appreciate her pleasant voice that I find encouraging. The explanations in each lesson are extremely good and helpful. I will share a little bit why I am learning your language, Ukrainian language.

To My Dearest Anna

Few years ago, I made a bucket list, to be exact that was on Part of my bucket list was to study languages but it was not realized because I keep on making excuses. And it was refreshed later in December when I watched a YouTube motivational video all about excuses. Which is really hit me at some point, it is like the video was created for me.

I examined myself and sad to say I am not doing something to achieve my goals. So earlier in , I decided to fulfill 4 on my list, one is learning new language.

My Very Dearest Anna by Kara Martinelli

And the first stop is to study Ukrainian language. And I am very happy that I found this podcast. I would like to thank Anna for this wonderful podcast. I learned so much with these 10 episodes and I am so excited to continue and hopefully I can complete all. It is such a beautiful country.

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How could I not want to learn your beautiful language? The main reason I subscribe to your Premium membership is to receive the lesson notes with the full translation into English of the dialogs and texts. This is absolutely essential for me to be able to learn the language properly. When I listen to the dialogs and narrations, I read along with the English translation.

I listen again, reading along in Ukrainian, then listen without reading to see how much I understand. I do this even before I get into your explanations in the lessons. Now that I am a few lessons into season three, I try to read the Ukrainian texts before I listen to the episode. The main things I like about the podcast are the dialogs. I get to learn the language in context, rather than just learning words and phrases, as other language resources tend to do.

I also love the fact that you use multiple persons throughout your lessons. Hearing different native speakers makes the lessons that much more interesting and helps to train my ears to becoming accustomed to the language. I cannot begin to tell you just how beneficial this has been to me when I interact with people here in the cafes, market places, shops and stores. Ooh, the smiles I get when I say a few words or phrases in your native language. People are just so pleasantly surprised.

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Another thing that I like is your free introduction at the start of each episode. It is like taking a giant leap forward in my learning. Your revision and consolidation of all the lesson notes of season one into one PDF file was such a welcomed surprise. Now that I am repeating season one, again maybe for the fourth time, it is so much more convenient to have everything in one file rather than having to be closing and opening multiple files on my iPad.

I am looking forward to the consolidated lesson notes of seasons two and three. The goal of my language learning to be able to listen to, read and understand Ukrainian. I also want to achieve a level of speech proficiency whereby I can have conversations freely. However, it is not necessary for me to be able to write Ukrainian. Having a Premium membership helps me to achieve this by providing me with the material I need to practice.

I will repeat the seasons and episodes over and over again until I am where I want to be. I have subscribed and listen to the YouTube channels you have suggested, and when I can understand what they are saying, then I will know that I have achieved my goal.