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If you look away from one of your hands, the audience will look away from it too.

What does misdirection mean?

And that can lead to all kinds of problems! Tommy Wonder has the answer….

Focus on your performance—and your audience. And when that happens, misdirection becomes not only painless—but one of the most fun parts of performing magic.

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But look how naturally he handles the situation. Did you know?

Misdirection is one of the most powerful tools you have— use it! That was a lot of information!

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The Books of Wonder have a total of nearly pages, over 50 incredible tricks, and a WEALTH of advice from one of the greatest magicians of all time. You must be logged in to post a comment. Misdirection Techniques: No.

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First of all, what really is misdirection? Wonder makes it clear that this attitude only serves to make our job harder. This is a key concept to grasp when getting to the core of how misdirection works. Are you starting to see how this could come in handy in misdirection? Do not give in to this urge!



You know exactly what you need to do. Tommy Wonder has one more piece of advice for you… Forget about it! What does that mean? Finally… Misdirection is one of the most powerful tools you have— use it! Join the Conversation. Using her new-found photographic memory, she covertly helps her hacker BFF with the police investigation of a savage serial killer on the loose.


For over a decade, Ning Cai was known as a multi-award-winning stage illusionist and escape artist. After a brief period of retirement, she returned in as the mentalist Ning: Mind Magic Mistress. Her memoir Who is Magic Babe Ning? She is also the co-author of three additional books: a travel account Adventures of 2 Girls , with Pamela Ho , a middle-grade novel Magicienne , with Don Bosco , and a creativity self-help guide Game of Thoughts , with John Teo. Lauded for her death-defying acts and record-setting feats, Ning performed for Middle Eastern royalty and showcased her brand of deadly sexy magic to an international audience on stage and on TV.

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