In Agreement with God: Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason

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I continued studying Galatians, which became a rediscovery of the gospel of grace. Growing up in the church, I had heard the message so many times—that God sent his Son to die for my sins—that eventually I began to tune it out. Yeah, I understand all that. Now let's move on to something else , I would think. But evidently I didn't understand it, because I began to believe that God's acceptance of me was based on my ability to do the right things.

I thought if I studied my Bible and prayed, God would be more pleased with me and more likely to use me than on a day when I overslept and missed my quiet time. But as the gospel became more clear to me, I began to see that even on my best day, when I seem to be doing everything right, I'm still a sinner. I never keep God's commands perfectly. That's why I needed God's grace in the first place. I think what I lacked in the first few years of my Christian life was the understanding that God is infinitely pleased with me, not because of what I do but because of who I am —his child.

Through his grace, I am "hidden with Christ in God" Colossians That means when God looks at me, he doesn't see my sin, he sees the perfection of his Son. This truth finally clicked when I heard a pastor tell a story about his daughter, Robin.

During high school she was enrolled in an honors English class. The first day of class the teacher talked about her expectations and handed out an overview of what they'd be studying. Robin was completely overwhelmed. She came home and told her father he had to go talk with the teacher to get her out of the class. He agreed to set up a conference during which he and the teacher struck an agreement.

The teacher wanted Robin to remain in the class, so she offered to give her an "A" from the very beginning, with the understanding that Robin still do the work and participate in class discussion. Robin agreed to the arrangement. And do you know what the teacher found? Robin turned in "A" work anyway.

The teacher removed the threat of failure, and in its absence, Robin excelled. I looked into cities on the opposite coast and started lifting them up in prayer to God. He breaks in my thoughts or someone does with THAT city. On another front, at the same time, I was unemployed for almost three years. I wanted to work in the IT field and had no background to do so. God gets me into IT! Thank you God! There is no reason I should be in this job other than God put me here. I know that for a fact. I made a huge splash by quickly becoming the highest performer. I am not bragging. I was literally an accidental success.

The only thing I will say is that God always reminded me at every new job to work unto all thing as though working unto the Lord.

Top 7 Bible Verses About Doing the Right Thing | Karla Hawkins

I wanted to do well and I wanted to honor God by not cheating my employer by working hard and trying to do a good job. Well then I got attacked by people who started saying I was cheating. One of my coworkers posted a nasty message about me on a work related website and has recruited a bunch of her friends at work to constantly nit pick me. Now this same girl is having her family and friends call our work and ask for me and pretend to be customers.

Serving and pleasing God

I start to help them and they call me names, hang up, etc. My supervisor is aware of it and tries to help but it continues. He spread it all over to the whole company and now people make fun of me. Plus my ex lives there now. Please pray for me. I feel lost. It might dispel some doubts you have about God or it might not. Either way, I hope it helps. God Bless!

By allowing all that your relationship was to be destroyed, He was able to work on both of you in order to make that relationship what He wanted it to be. He may now be calling you to step back into it. The two of you can get to know each other all over again, with the right mindset this time.

God does that sort of thing all the time. I could offer many examples, but just consider His call to Jonah. Jonah really, really did not want to go to Nineva to preach repentance.

Learn How To Trust God's Timing with Rick Warren

Too bad. God wanted him to do exactly that thing. The thing to take back to God in prayer at this point is whether or not He is calling you to build a new relationship with your ex after all. If He is pushing you as hard as you say He is, and potentially moving your ex as well, it is entirely reasonable that He is guiding and calling you. God has given us the Holy Spirit as a guide and a comforter.

You’re Not Messing Up God’s Plan for You

In this way, you cannot be misled by deviant activity trying to pull you back into a possibly toxic relationship — I dont know the dynamic of yours. First and foremost, though, the decider would be whether or not your ex is a Christian…not by birth, but by rebirth, and whether he is a faithfull servant of God.

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If he is not, it is not of God. I know it has been hard.

Faithfulness in the hidden

Most of us on here have a story. You are set for great things in what God is entrusting and building up in you. Even now, in your discouragement, you are an encouragement — already being used by Him. Stay strong, my sister. GOD would never ever make you be with someone that your heart does not love. Just stick close to god.. HE is making you into an overcomer!!! I felt the need to reply to you because your story reminded me so much of me.

Without trying to be harsh or critical, the only thing I can say to you is have Faith.. He wants us to surrender to him. My point of pain and frustration was so deep that it took me to a level I had never been before. He will bring us to the brink of feeling like there is nothing left in order for us to give up our independence and to rely completely in him. Psalm God may be simply using him as a tool to lead you to your destination of greater joy.

I have learned to accept anything that comes my way. Pain, suffering, back stabbing, criticism, all of it, are simply tests of our faith.

Created for God. His way and no other way. Many prayers for you.. I try to turn to our Lord before making decisions and reciting and remembering Proverbs helps me immensely. However if this passage does not touch your heart then I recommend turning to the Word of God to find your answer. As followers of Jesus Christ the road is not easy. Let God guide you and forgive which is very hard to do sometime.

I had to let my ex go but only by the grace of God are my 3 children with me along with our house.