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It has captured the imagination for generations, but how did it get there?

The Egypt Centre Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

Swansea is a city full of history. And it has museums full of interesting artifacts, along with countless items of historical significance which are more than a visit.

But perhaps the one thing that has captured the imagination the most for generations is the Egyptian mummy which is kept inside Swansea Museum at Victoria Road. It is not something you'd necessarily expect to find on a trip to the city, but it has been here for years now and has always been very popular with schools who have used it as a way to capture young imaginations.

The mummy is identified as Hor, and according to the museum , was a clothier priest and scribe of the God Atum.

Why Swansea has got an Egyptian mummy - Wales Online

It was his duty to change the clothing on the holy statue of the God in the daily rituals of the temple. He lived in Akhmim in Upper Egypt between B. Thomas in , gifted the mummy to the museum, then known as Royal Institution of South Wales, years ago in His sister, Mary Grenfell, who went on to open the display, visited him in Egypt and encouraged him in his pursuits of archaeology and Egyptian history. He teamed up with archaeologist, Wallis Budge, to purchase the mummy, its coffin and other smaller items.

It has been a big attraction ever since, and remains one of the highlights of a trip to Swansea Museum, and one of the city's hidden treasures, all these years on.

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Best Hotels Near Egypt Centre, Swansea, Wales

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Visit : Caerleon Museum and see how life was for a Roman Soldier. Namaste Do you like Indian food? Or perhaps they neglected to mention this because, if the Swansea mummy is authentic and accurately dated, the Fitzwilliam mummy would not in fact be the youngest mummified fetus. Then again, these gestational ages are based on measurements of long bones on CT scans, and those measurement-to-age formulae are not without error. Although I'm not sure why the Swansea mummy doesn't get the title of youngest-mummified-Egyptian-fetus, it is clear from these two plus the two in Tut's tomb that the ancient Egyptians regularly mummified even the smallest humans.

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In it, they claim to have discovered in their storeroom the youngest mummified human from ancient Egypt. But another mummified fetus, also from a British museum, was reported exactly two years ago today -- and it is weeks' gestation. So what gives? It's unlikely they don't know about the Swansea example.