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I started to do a bit of research on ways to naturally control your blood pressure and very quickly found some interesting articles. I downloaded an app called Pacifica that is pretty good if you have no idea what you should be doing perfect for me , it does give you a pretty good start, discussing your breathing techniques and few short meditations with a very calming voice talking you through it.

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But if you want to delve a bit deeper you will need to pay a subscription fee. After a few consecutive days of ten minute meditations my blood pressure seemed to stabilise, and now is at a healthy level. I realize I am opening up myself to hate comments here by even suggesting the notion but it might be worth a change to see if it really does make a difference for you.

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I love the idea that under prevents tearing off too much. I have to admit that I am a toilet paper brand snob! It is one of the only things that I will almost never even try another brand or buy generic. And when you are a brand snob, looking for coupons is a MUST! I have to admit, nothing confuses me more than standing in the TP aisle with a handful of coupons and trying to figure out which brand and package size is the best deal.

Do you have a good way to compare costs? Not just on price per roll but because TP is one of those things that can drive you into the store and you end up picking up way more than just that item. A few weeks ago, the Forever Roll caught a second wave of internet buzz when it was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article about new household products designed for adults who live alone. Reinerman crowed at the time about how it alleviates the storage problem for urban apartment dwellers a bigger roll means less TP to store under the sink and how the huge rolls can last a single person up to two months.

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The response online was divided. Some thought this was a sad indicator of the state of the millennials: delaying marriage and children, unable to buy homes with ample bathroom storage like their parents, stuck in tiny apartments with nowhere to stuff extra rolls of toilet paper, and suffering from such burnout that the simple task of remembering to buy toilet paper once a week was too hard.

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The tiny TP-in-a-roll format that we know now was popularized around by the Scott Paper Company — lots of people were wiping with the Sears Roebuck catalog before that. It took until for Charmin to make the double roll. What happened to the American spirit of ingenuity? We put a man on the moon, and we still use basically the same dinky TP rolls as president Taft.

Sure, we brought giant-size rolls to public restrooms, but that industrial stuff is thin, rough, hole-ripping.

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An ass war crime. Only a stone-cold psychopath would consider bringing home that giant wheel of rough paper, encased in a rugged dispenser to protect it from thieves. They compared the magnitude of the invention to sliced bread! Could this signal a future in which all consumer goods are enormous?

Is Cheap Toilet Paper Just As Good?

In which our houses are just Willy Wonka wonderlands of monstrously oversize paper products and fountains of soap? Is this a sign of the excesses of peak capitalism, or a sad sign of the state of the millennial condition? Of course, toilet paper is not without its controversies.