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The psychological intensity is relaxed in this section, and the capacity for humour and realistic observation becomes more evident.

Chancel Players present Pilgrim's Progress by Tom Keys

Much-afraid and Mr. Ready-to-halt manage to complete the journey. Whereas most of the people encountered by Christian exemplify wrong thinking that will lead to damnation, Christiana meets people who, with help, become worthy of salvation.

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The book was immediately popular and went through several editions within a few years of initial publication. It was translated into some languages and remained a favourite for the following two centuries. Notable adaptations included a opera composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams. The Pilgrim's Progress. Article Media. Info Print Print.

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Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. See Article History. Read More on This Topic. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Indeed our present condition is dreadful, and death would be far more welcome to me than thus for ever to abide; but yet let us consider, the Lord of the country to which we are going hath said, "Thou shalt do no murder," no, not to another man's person.

Much more, then, are we forbidden to take his counsel to kill ourselves.

Besides, he that kills another can but commit murder upon his body; but for one to kill himself, is to kill body and soul at once. And, moreover, my brother, thou talkest of ease in the grave; but hast thou forgotten the hell, whither for certain the murderers go? And if ever that should come to pass again, for my part I am resolved to pluck up the heart of a man, and to try my utmost to get from under his hand. I was a fool that I did not try to do it before; but however, my brother, let us be patient, and endure awhile; the time may come that may give us a happy release; but let us not be our own murderers.


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With these words HOPEFUL at present did moderate the mind of his brother; so they continued together in the dark that day, in their sad and doleful condition. Well, towards evening, the Giant went down into the dungeon again, to see if his prisoners had taken his counsel. But when he came there, he found them alive; and truly, alive was all: for now, what for want of bread and water, and by reason of the wounds they received when he beat them, they could do little but breathe.

But I say, he found them alive; at which he fell into a grievous rage, and told them that, seeing they had disobeyed his counsel, it should be worse with them than if they had never been born.

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At this they trembled greatly; and I think that CHRISTIAN fell into a swoon; but coming a little to himself again, they renewed their discourse about the Giant's counsel, and whether yet they had best to take it or not. What hardship, terror, and amazement, hast thou already gone through--and art thou now nothing but fear? Thou seest that I am in the dungeon with thee, a far weaker man by nature than thou art! Also, this Giant has wounded me as well as thee, and hath also cut off the bread and water from my mouth; and with thee I mourn without the light: but let us exercise a little more patience.

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Remember how thou playedst the man at Vanity Fair, and wast neither afraid of the chain nor cage, nor yet of bloody death; wherefore let us — at least to avoid the shame that becomes not a Christian to be found in — bear up with patience as well as we can. Now night being come again, and the Giant and his wife being in bed, she asked him concerning the prisoners; and if they had taken his counsel?

To which he replied, "They are sturdy rogues; they choose rather to bear all hardship than to make away with themselves. So when the morning was come, the Giant went to them again, and took them into the castle yard, and showed them as his wife had bidden him. A "Denn" is a prison, and Bunyan wrote most of the book in Bedford county gaol, having been arrested for his beliefs during the "Great Persecution" of He shares the experience of prison with Cervantes, who had the idea for Don Quixote while incarcerated in La Mancha.

Like so many novels that follow in this list, The Pilgrim's Progress blends fact and fiction.

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  • Chancel Players present "The Pilgrim's Progress" by Tom Key and based on John Bunyan's book.

As well as being the record of Bunyan's dream, a well-known fictional device, it is also an archetypal tale — a quest, fraught with danger. Christian's pilgrimage takes him through the Slough of Despond, Vanity Fair and the Delectable Mountains in a succession of adventures that keep the reader turning the page. With his good companions, Faithful and Hopeful, he vanquishes many enemies before arriving at the Celestial City with the line that still reverberates through the English literary tradition: "So he passed over, and all the trumpets sounded for him on the other side.

In Hollywood terms, the novel has a perfect "arc". More profoundly, as an allegory of state repression, it has been described by the historian EP Thompson as one of the "foundation texts of the English working-class movement". Part of its uniquely English quality is a robust and engaging sense of humour that has cemented its appeal to generations of readers. The Pilgrim's Progress is the ultimate English classic, a book that has been continuously in print, from its first publication to the present day, in an extraordinary number of editions.

Huckleberry Finn speaks for many readers when, recalling his Mississippi education, he says: "There was some books too One was 'Pilgrim's Progress', about a man that left his family it didn't say why.