A Guide to Sexual Fantasy for Christian Couples

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Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.

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Arousal begins in the mind. If those fantasies involve your spouse and ignite the desire to be one, then they strengthen the bond of marriage. However, sin seeks to kill, steal and destroy every good thing from God.

Our thoughts can easily feed into our actions. The problem occurs when a fleeting glance becomes a permanent gaze.

Married Love

An emotional or physical wedge can form if you find your eyes, thoughts or behaviors revolving around a person other than your spouse. With romance novels being turned into major motion pictures and pornography rising in popularity, the war has been raging to fill our minds with thoughts that are not God-honoring. A loving doe, a graceful deer, may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love. The more sexual images you create with people other than your spouse, the more you could be swayed to take physical steps to live out those images.

Your husband might not have a six-pack, but then you see a man at the pool who does.

Are There Guidelines For Christian Sex?

Your wife might not have long, blonde hair that you prefer but then you see a woman at work with hair you want to run your fingers through. Spouses can get completely fixated on what is missing that they fail to focus on all the great qualities that are present. Song of Solomon teaches us to focus on all the attributes that make our spouses attractive.

Even among sixty queens and eighty concubines and countless young women, I would still choose my dove, my perfect one. Feel free to share the sexual experiences you desire with your spouse if those experiences are God-honoring and communicated in a respectful way. It can be awkward at first, but if you push past the awkwardness you might take your intimate life to a new level.

Voice your feelings and your need for a different form of physical closeness after sex. Read on to learn how to improve your spiritual connection with your spouse a wonderful way to grow your marriage and have better sex in Christian marriage!

50 Best Christian Sex Resources for Marriage - Vibrant Christian Living

This awesome couples devotional goes deep on important topics that matter to Christian couples everything from forgiveness to communication issues to sex. I also appreciate that this book is available digitally.

How to Improve Your Spiritual Connection (The Secret to Better Sex in Christian Marriage!)

I love how practical this couples devotional is, and how Mike and Carlie really encourage couples to invite God into their marriage discussions. Only God is the one that can bring true satisfaction, contentment and unity in marriage, right?

The Joy of Sex

I highly recommend this marriage devotional to many couples as the best couples devotional out there! Order your copy here. What are some other great Christian marriage resources not only devotionals and marriage books, but other powerful books about spiritual topics that can change your life? Here are our top picks:. While physical passion is important, we know that emotional intimacy is also a key factor to better sex in marriage.

Couples who can slowly build sexual desire outside the bedroom have a much better likelihood of having more sex in marriage and better sex overall. The problem with date nights is that we get so busy!

What Is Not Okay In Bed?

And once we do get a date with our spouse on the calendar, how can we insure that the date night will result in a deeper emotional connection and alright, yes, better sex? Clean Christian Resources on Sexual Technique in Marriage Of all the topics about sex in Christian marriage, sexual technique is one of the hardest to find clean Christian resources! These awesome Christian sex resources offer not only clean advice on sexual technique, but they are written by highly respected Christian authors. Discover how to create the marriage and sex life of your dreams by creating a realistic plan for change.

This powerful 4-module course just for couples gives you the step-by-step solution you need to discover, create and live out not only your marriage goals, but the marriage of your dreams. Go here to learn more and get access to this amazing goal setting course designed just for couples. Save Save Save Save. Save Save. In addition, Alicia is a homeschool mom of four very vibrant children ages 16 to 7 , is married to her best friend and husband of 18 years, and loves their country life together. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.