64 Great Baby Shower Games and Ideas

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Give each person a diaper bag one with lots of pockets like this one would be great filled with all of the typical things you might find in a diaper bag diapers, snacks, toys, clothes, etc. Teams must search through the diaper bag to be the first one to find the hidden sock. Give each pair a small bag of Swedish Fish or gummy sharks. Have one person stand on one side of the room and the other person stand on the other side of the room. To play, players must toss Swedish Fish across the room and their partner must catch the fish in their mouth.

As soon as a player catches a fish, they must switch with their partner and continue tossing until the minute is out.

20 Baby Shower Games That Everyone Will Enjoy Playing

The team that catches the most wins. Before the party, put together a pile of index cards that have lines from nursery rhymes on them. Players must pick a card from the pile and name the correct nursery rhyme as quickly as possible. Once they name one, they can move onto the next card and try to get as many as possible in the minute. Get the words in this nursery rhyme book that my toddler loves! Players must bounce ping pong balls from one side of the table to the other, trying to get as many ping pong balls into the bathtub as possible in the minute.

For a little added fun, try these pink ping pong balls or these blue ones. The player must be the first to spin the bottle and have it land on all of the letters to spell the word Boy or Girl. Before the game, write out the letters B-A-B-Y on small slips of paper. Put one letter in four balloons and blow up the balloons. To play, players must sit on the balloons, find the letters, and put them in order to win.

Fill a laundry basket with baby clothes.


Baby shower ideas for girls games

Players must go through the laundry basket and put together as many complete outfits including matching socks, a hat, mittens, etc. Before the game, setup a course using stuffed animals, Luvs diaper boxes, etc. Give each player a hooded towel and time them as they scoot on the towel on the ground from one end of the obstacle course to the other and back.

Tie these small hooks onto pieces of string that are about the length of the table. On the other side of the table, place these plastic babies.

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To play, player must stand at the end of the table opposite the babies and when the timer starts, they must toss the hooks with the string and try to catch the babies and bring them back in. Player must hook a certain number of babies within the time limit or be the first one. Hint: Put the bowls on top of a plastic tablecloth then just roll up the tablecloth and throw away at the end of the day! No, baby shower games are not necessary.

Baby Shower Games For Girls and Prizes for the Winners

You win these baby shower games by either beating the clock, getting the most points as a team, or completing one of the challenges first! Go back to the top of this post under how to play these baby shower games for more details on how to win! You play baby bingo with these free printable baby shower bingo cards! The best prizes for baby shower games are things that people actually want. These are so fun! With our second baby we had a diaper shower, and everyone just brought diapers.

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Thanks for putting together such a fun and not awkward list of baby games! Will be posting in my fan page here. Check it out anytime!

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What a great time we had! I had so many compliments and everyone asked where I had gotten the ideas for the games. I also gave them the website because everybody thought the baby shower games were that great. Everybody really enjoyed the games and the ice breaker ideas. I love these games. Many i will have to make adjustments to only because of demographics and the cost of simple items.

Nonetheless awesome job. There are so many people who do not have the means to afford them and you are suggesting games where they are simply wasted and thrown away. Not cool. Not environmentally friendly, not a good idea. There is always a solution for everything. Thanks for your suggestions Heidi. They were very thoughtful of you to share.

I am so excited for you and your family, twins would be so fun. Let me know how your party goes or if you need any other ideas. Thank you. Photo by Brian Leahy Photography. The first person to fill out this list with the most correct answers wins this baby shower game. Find out what a baby alligator is called with this fun baby animal name game! Have guests write funny midnight diaper messages for the new parents. Include a ticket to enter the raffle in your invitation.

The cost to enter? A box of diapers! When guests arrive, they bring their diapers and enter the raffle. The winner goes home with a great prize and the mom-to-be goes home with a mountain of diapers. One lucky guest will come with a box of diapers, but leave with the grand prize in the diaper raffle game! Set up a station where baby shower guests can get creative. Set up a baby bodysuit or bib decorating station like this one for your guests. The result is a beautiful one of a kind keepsake book for the baby.

Guests can make an adorable first book for baby with this activity. These fun baby shower games are sure to keep your guests happy and entertained at your next baby shower. Games are just one element of a successful baby shower. Amy Locurto is founder and President of LivingLocurto. In her spare time, she loves to travel the world with her family.

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